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I take it youi're talking about the Sunrise?  I was thinking of the Force.

Yes, the Sunrise. The one I saw certainly looked like a Geo Metro transaxle. But I don't know what was inside it. Since they were pretty much hand built to order, it's also possible different cars used different setups. At least two different motors were used (GUX20 and GUX30).

Regardless, my point stands.  James Worden was (probably still is) obsessed
with efficiency.

Yes indeed. And he was *good* at it!

Certainly some of his fine-tuning, such as adding flat belly pans to his
EVs, was cheap to do and produced outstanding returns.  Junking the stock
Geo Metro transaxle for a pricey custom-made one might not have been as cost
effective, but I still admire him for his focus on efficiency.

Paul MacCready of Aerovironment had similar sentiments when they were designing the Impact. When asked what the "secret" was to such high performance, he replied that there was no secret... it was just a matter of paying attention to all the details.

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