You can see this coming to fruition in 11 or 12 decades.  With adoption of
self driving cars, the need for safety features will wane.  Then we can
build cars with the driver laying supine or prone depending on preference
with every car being a fairly uniform 150 foot long 8 foot wide ground
craft.  Short haul trucks would rarely deposit themselves onto the personal
vehicles and frankly, few personal vehicles would even be used.  Most of
these would be short delivery robots providing predicted goods and services
directly to your door. To go see families and friends people would
generally use ground taxi craft for short trips to public transportation
since all arrivals and destinations would be preprogrammed and logistically
calculated. Ownership would be rare.

It sounds kind of amazing and beautiful.  And kind of grotesque if you
aren't much of a conformer or team player.  I might have been looking at
too many Syd Meade paintings.

On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 7:31 PM, Lee Hart via EV <> wrote:

> paul dove via EV wrote:
>> The batteries are part of the car since it won't go without them...... so
>> 2300 lbs?
>> That's pretty light but not enough to go 217 miles on a charge.
>> 26KWh / 217 = 120Wh/m  They had to have done something else.
> Lots of "something elses". Good aerodynamics. Low frontal area. Flush
> windows. An absolutely smooth flat bottom. No front grille. High pressure,
> low rolling resistance tires (small by modern standards). Brakes that don't
> drag. A motor and controller so efficient that they don't need a
> power-consuming liquid cooling system.
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