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This statement, as written, is dubious.  All flat screen TV's except plasma
use less electricity than the older CRT sets did - a 50" LED set uses less
electricity than a 30" CRT.

It's difficult to generalize like that. An ancient all-tube TV used around 200-300 watts. Transistorized TVs with CRTs used 50-100 watts. Modern TVs vary all over the place, from a few tens of watts, to as much (or more!) than the old tube TVs.

Screen size is also a major factor in power consumption. Just looking at the ones I have, the 5" portable uses 8 watts, the 19" uses 75w, and the 40" uses 120 watts.

What's more, the total energy usage by TV sets is minimal compared to HVAC,
refrigeration, cooktops, etc.

Here too, there are huge differences between households. Many people leave multiple TVs on all the time. But their refrigerator only runs a few hours a day, and the stove may only get used a few times a week. HVAC electric usage also varies drastically with the seasons, and what fuel is being used to provide the heat (electric, gas, or oil).

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