You are implying that shipping docks will be manned all night long in this
scenario. Or that residential or postal workers will want to try to deliver
in the dark. There are very real downsides to tripping around in the night,
and 3rd shift work is bad for health.

When I was delivering furniture in the 80's I often chose to do the travel
(as opposed to delivery) at night to avoid the danger and boredom of
gridlock. But I would definitely not have enjoyed invading customers
driveways and landscape at night.  I think residential night delivery is
not a good idea.

Night delivery isn't a totally bad idea, but it might be hard to work out
the logistics.

Over the road is already a nighttime operation for many.


On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 10:50 AM, John Lussmyer via EV <>

> On Thu Jan 04 07:41:44 PST 2018 said:
> >Mail at night!
> >I suspect that in 20 years, the post office, UPS and Amazon and all long
> >haul trucking and deliveries will all be at night.  Think of the benefit
> >to the grid and everyone (including reduced traffic congestion).  All
> >those battries storing energy all day long and then being used at night as
> >a great balance to the grid.
> Actually, that is the reverse of what you want.
> You want to store during the night when demand is low, then use during the
> day when demand is hi.
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