Mail at night!
I suspect that in 20 years, the post office, UPS and Amazon and all long
haul trucking and deliveries will all be at night.  Think of the benefit
to the grid and everyone (including reduced traffic congestion).  All
those battries storing energy all day long and then being used at night as
a great balance to the grid.

With solar, day will become the new night, with the cheapest energy
available during the day.  Already is in California.


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Subject: [EVDL] No, electric cars (still) aren't crashing the grid.
Again: Good News: EVs Are Not ...
No, electric cars (still) aren't crashing the grid. Again.
Jan 3, 2018 ... Remember all those brownouts we experienced last week
because everyone plugged in their electric cars? No? Oh right, that didn't
happen. It still isn't happening. And it's unlikely to ever happen. That's
the conclusion of a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),
using infrastructure investment data from ...
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