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> That is such a crock - I'm talking about people paying extra to get "green" 
> power.  All that means is people are stupid enough to pay extra for something 
> that would have been there whether they paid for it or not.

Are you so certain that is the case?

In our case (at least) BC Hydro does not buy third-party wind power unless 
directed to do so. The Bullfrog Power customers cause BC Hydro to purchase 
Bullfrog's power, rather than supplying Bullfrog Power customers with BC Hydro 

At least, that’s what everyone from Bullfrog to BC Hydro to the BC Utility 
Commission tells us. Are they lying?

BC Hydro *can* throttle its dams if it buys wind power. Are you saying they do 
not do so? If not, where does the extra power go? Is the voltage higher than it 
would be if wind power were not “on line?” Would the voltage drop if the wind 
power suddenly “went away?"

Can you provide some evidence that “it does not change the generation mix at 

de N7JDB

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