You are also leaving out the energy necessary to refine the gasoline. An 
electric car can go 20 miles on the energy it take to make gasoline 

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>   if one generates say 10MWhrs per year of solar and use 10MWhars per
>   year of electricity, then 100% of  your energy is completely fossil
>   fuel free.
> I agree that you are entitled to brag that you used no fossil fuels in
> this case.  But now suppose that you trade your electric car for a gas
> car.  You pollute.  But you also use, say, 1 MWh less of the energy that
> you generate.  It goes out to the grid instead.  Fossil fuel plants
> don't need to run to generate it.  They pollute less.  This partly
> compensates for the additional pollution that you generate with your
> gas car.
> The point I'm trying to make is that if you are comparing electric car
> vs. gas car, you should compare the pollution generated by the car with
> the pollution generated by producing the electricity, even if you
> yourself have solar panels.
> The only way that you should compare the pollution of the gas car
> against zero for the electric car is if the comparison is (gas car) vs.
> (electric car and new solar panels to charge it).  For example this is
> the right comparison if you size your PV system to your needs including
> your cars.
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