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Please provide feedback by Monday, April 13th so we can move forward with the formatting of the document as a nice Quick Ref Card for integration in conference kits.

Just remember, you did ask...

"#2 - What is Plone? - FINAL
Plone is a powerful and flexible, enterprise-level content management solution that is easy to install, get started with, and use."

I take exception with this. It gives the impression that running a complete Plone system is "easy to use and get started with" for *everyone*. This is especially in light of the fact that #1 above it says "without requiring a high level of technical skill or tools other than a web browser".

#6 - geez, I'm not sure what to say about this.
Sure, it's easy to download and the installation goes fairly straight forward.

In fact, this is my main complaint with Plone in general. It might very well be easy to use for the end users - but to run the entire system requires a person who is well versed in Zope/python. I'm a computer administrator by profession - and *I* haven't been able to get a Plone site up and running yet. What does that say for the "average user"? Iow, the kb needed to run & maintain a Plone system is WAY under stated.

I very much agree with you Chirs, and I install Plone for a living.
We'd all really like Plone to be easy to configure into a working system and are working hard to make that happen but...

a) it's not currently the case
b) it's not one of plones competitive advantages
c) it sets a dangerously high expectation that can lead to disappointment and resentment.

IMHO we're much better selling plone on it's enterprise grade power. The fact thats its both a web CMS and document management system. And set the expectation that Plone being Enterprise grade combined with consultants produces a fantastic fit to your business needs.
No  one expects SAP to be easy to install do they?

Dylan Jay, Plone Solutions Manager

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