Gabrielle, I'm a little confused, can I go in and edit this part directly even if its a bit of a departure from what was there originally?

see my comments below

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IMHO we're much better selling plone on it's enterprise grade power. The fact thats its both a web CMS and document management system. And set the expectation that Plone being Enterprise grade combined with consultants produces a fantastic fit to your business needs.

These are all good points, and do not contradict the other parts of the story.

you are right but the point I was making was that when we sing Plone's praises perhaps we pick just our key differentiator for our audience so that our message has more impact. I don't think easy to install is a key differentiator. Since its pretty unclear who the audience for these questions is, that makes it hard. Is this aimed at getting developers to take on plone as a tool or at organisation decision makers looking for a solution.

Plone the community open source enterprise content management system. It's power comes from it's unique combination of content management, document management, workflow, collaboration tools and web theming engine. For those controlling the content of site it provides an easy to use yet power web interface. For those choosing their organisations next web presence or Intranet Plone efficiencies by combining several systems into one while maintaining integration with existing systems and the highest levels of security. For developers it provides to tools to create anything from a simple blog to scalble multiserver global intranet, customised to the exact user requirements.

Plone is among the top 2% of all open source projects worldwide, with 200 core developers and over 300 solution providers in more than 50 countries.

Plone has been actively developed since 2001, is available in more than 40 languages, and has the best security track record of any major CMS.

Plone's codebase and intellectual property is owned by the Plone Foundation, which is a non-profit organization where donations are tax- deductible (at least in the US).

It's a bit clumsy and could be cut down but I think it has more impact yeah?

No  one expects SAP to be easy to install do they?

The thing is, Plone *is* easy to install, and you get a very sophisticated setup even when using the base installers. It's just a bit challenging to develop for at the moment, something that we're working hard on fixing.

SAP is hard to install *and* hard to develop for. Or maybe just expensive, depending on how you look at it. ;)

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