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>   PS I still would appreciate to be directed to a short text explaining the 
> essence of ASSA (RSSA?). J

It is in my book. Here is the relevant excerpt:

\section[ASSA vs RSSA]{Absolute vs Relative Self Sampl\-ing Assumption}

In the course of a lengthy, and at times heated debate between Jacques
Mallah and myself, it became clear we were always arguing from
disparate positions\cite{Mallah-Standish}. At the heart of our
difference of opinion was how the strong self sampling
assumption\index{self sampling assumption!strong|emph} should be
applied. Jacques Mallah assumed that each observer moment had an
absolute positive measure, and that our current observer moment is
selected at random from that distribution.

Since I accept the TIME postulate,\index{TIME postulate} only the
birth moment is selected at random, according to the self sampling
assumption. Thereafter, each observer moment's measure can be
determined {\em relative} to its predecessor by means of Born's
rule\index{Born rule}
(\ref{proj-prob}). Arguing with this notion of observer measure, first
person immortality follows provided the no cul-de-sac conjecture\index{no 
cul-de-sac conjecture} is

The Everything List adopted the term {\em Absolute Self Sampling
  Assumption}\index{self sampling assumption!absolute|emph} to
  refer to Mallah's use of strong self sampling, and the {\em Relative
  Self Sampling Assumption}\index{self sampling assumption!relative|emph} for 
the version I use.  Since this
  debate took place, other debates have taken place between members of
  the ``absolute'' camp, which includes such names as Jacques
  Mallah,\index{Mallah, Jacques}
  Saibal Mitra,\index{Mitra, Saibal} Hal Finney\index{Finney, Hal} and the 
``relative'' camp which includes
  Bruno Marchal,\index{Marchal, Bruno} Stathis
  Papaioannou, and myself.

\index{Papaioannou, Stathis}\index{Standish, Russell}
Both of these ``camps'' appear to have internally consistent pictures.
The fact that I'm not currently experiencing childhood, is for me
strong evidence that the ASSA is an incorrect application of the
strong self sampling assumption.

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