On 11/22/08, Brent Meeker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> John Mikes wrote:
>> Brent,
>> did your dog communicate to you (in dogese, of course) that she has - NO -
>> INNER NARRATIVE? or you are just ignorant to perceive such?
>> (Of course do not expect such at the complexity level of your 11b neurons)
>> John M
> Of course not.  It's my inference from the fact that my dog has no outer
> narrative.  Have you read Julian Jaynes "The Origin of Consciousness in the
> Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind"?  He argues, persuasively in my opinion,
> that our inner narrative arises from internalizing our outer narrative, i.e.
> spoken communication with other people.
> Brent

Brent, I appreciate your 'consenting' reply<G> - however -
yes, I read (long ago) J. Jaynes and appreciated MOST of his ideas, do
not accept him as substitute (verbal) opinion in our presently ongoing
discussion. We may have ideas generated after (in spite of?) J.J.
Yet - in your reply - the "spoken communication with other people"
refers in the present topic to communication in 'dogese' (with other
dogs?) so your argument is still in limbo.
Just for the fun of it

John Mikes

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