> My question has perhaps no sense at all. Is there a notion of quantum  
> computation done without any measurement?

Quantum lambda calculus by Andre van Tonder does not containt measurement.

>From the abstract, he proves equivalence between his quantum lambda
calculus and quantum Turing machine (also without measurement). That's
all I know in this respect for the moment.

> Is there a purely unitary  
> transformation which "augment" the dimensionality of the initial  
> quantum machine. Does the notion of universal quantum dovetailing  
> makes sense.

I am not too familiar with the process of dovetailing, but I'm fine with
the general idea that there is program which systematically generates
every possible C/Lisp code and in between steps of this generation it
interprets parts of what is already generated.

Can you sketch how should one think about such dovetailing in terms of
classical logical gates, please?

> I don't find my Shi papers, but from what I remind, it gives some good  
> argument about the difficulty of redefining the halting problem  
> (halting in which universe? ...).

Good, your note about the halting problem helped to refine my google
search to the extend that I've found the Shi paper you are talking
about. Hereby, I also apologize to the authors of QTM Revisited paper,
their reference was correct.


I'll read it.


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