On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 09:15:20PM -0500, Jason Resch wrote:
> > No. The running of a program does NOT create a mind. It just makes it
> possible for a mind to manifest itself relatively to you.
> > The mind is already related to the platonic relations between the numbers
> which exist in an infinity of exemplars in Platonia.
> If a single program does not create a mind, how does an infinite number of
> programs in the UDA create one?  Perhaps I am unclear what you mean by mind.
> Thanks,
> Jason

I think what he means is because all possible programs already exist
in a running state, all possible minds must also exist. Running a
program therefore cannot instantiate a mind, as all possible minds
already exist. All it can do is allow you (the program instantiator)
to interact with that mind.


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