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> Stathis wrote
>> That we don't see extremely old people is consistent with QTI, since
>> from the third person perspective rare events such as living to a
>> great age happen only rarely. However, from the first person
>> perspective you will live to a great age, and this will happen in the
>> most probable way, even if it is improbable in absolute (third person)
>> terms.
>> Stathis Papaioannou-
> Hi Stathis
> I am wondering how this might work out in practice.  In particular, if
> I find myself more and more in worlds where I am older, would I expect
> to see others older and as old as me?  If ageing happens in the most
> probable way then would this not mean that I would expect to see this
> as a first person plural experience because I would feel it improbable
> if I were the only 500 year person around?

The most probable way I can think of is that as you get older, medical
science advances and everyone lives longer, then eventually mind
uploading becomes available.

Stathis Papaioannou

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