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> Yes Sheldrakes ideas are just the kind of thing I was thinking of.  I
> think that he looked at my paper and used a reference to, I think?
> alligned himself with Matti Pitkanen who was a referee for the paper.
> Pitkanen promotes Topological Geometrodynamics and somehow this
> accounts for consciousness etc - I think?  Unfortunately I am no good
> at quantum field theory and GMD seems full of it - I really can't
> understand any of it.  He uses p-adic numbers but it's a while since I
> read about it.  He has quite a few papers out on vixra.org. so I guess
> I should browse them again.
> Best wishes
> Nick
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> Hi Nick,
>     I know Matti well, we have been discussing his theory for quite a while
> in a private group that Hitoshi Kitada hosts. He used topological notions to
> try to explain consciousness.  We are very interested in your comments on
> his work!
> Onward!
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Hi Stephen

Well what interested me was that I thought he was saying a similar
thing as me but in a much more rigorous and very knowledgeable but
different way in terms of the physics, but accounting for all the
connections with field theory etc.  However, as I said, I really did
not have the background to evaluate or understand anything he was
saying in his work.  I was really very grateful that he considered my
own ideas as even worth putting in a journal when it was really only a
speculative stab at proposing a possible way in which physics might
favour the reconstitution of past structures in the absence of
information.   So yes some sort of morphogenesis affect and I thought
that this might actually explain how we remember things and may be the
way that copying of consciousness might be possible.

Please convey my regards to Matti and thanks for once giving me some

 I will look at his work again.


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