"if you are thinking about consciousness, then what else could it have been
but consciousness that caused you to think about it"

Are you saying consciousness literally causes you to objectify
consciousness? Consciousness as a base is required to reflect on
consciousness... the question is whether consciousness can truly be
objectified or only falsely so.

You could similarly differentiate consciousness from existence and say that
existence as a base is required in order to "talk about consciousness"....
you can go on to enumerate many things in such order. But nothing
deterministically causes you to reflect on the notion of consciousness
abstracted and objectified as such without direct reflection but imagined
supposition...... are in so far as something does cause you to reflect on
the figment consciousness... will to knowledge, will to power etc.... we
haven't determined it.

"If consciousness is causually inert then history would be the same even if
it were abolished throughout the universe.

can you please define consciousness here? what would be the same if what was
abolished from the universe?

You can't really define consciousness, consciousness is essentially
indefinable, therefore "it" doesn't exist... it is a merely inferred
supposition.... if you think that doesn't make sense, just cause it doesn't
make sense doesn't mean its not true.... just as, just because something
makes sense doesn't mean its true..... similarly, just because something
seems to make sense doesn't mean it actually makes sense, furthermore, just
because something doesn't make sense doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.

"To me it seems absurd that we would be endlessly debating some nonexistent
thing which none of us has ever experienced, yet that is exactly the
conclusion that comes from assuming consciousness has no effects."

First off, what is wrong with absurd... existence is absurd, should we
abolish it?

"nonexistent thing which none of us has ever experienced"

is there a such thing as a nonexistent thing that none of us has ever
experienced? read Parmenides.

Is it consciousness that is causally effective or is it the will that is
causally effective........ perhaps we can make a distinction between
consciousness and the will.... the will guided by the imagination as the
basis of action.

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