On Wed, Jul 06, 2011 at 10:28:20AM -0700, B Soroud wrote:
> anyways... I'm reconciled with you guys.... I'll try not to play nicer yet
> remain a critic.
> p.s. I'm no mathematician, computer scientist, or physicist.... I was
> schooled in the humanities and avoided mathematics like the plague....... so
> I will need to ask you guys in the future to translate things into simple
> English.
> I hope this is not necessarily like Plato's academy: "Let no one ignorant of
> mathematics enter here"

No - it is not, but a willingness to grapple with the concepts of
mathematics is a requirement for understanding. Most people here are
happy to help someone with genuine inquiry achieve understanding.

I have collected what I think to be an essential toolkit of
mathematical concepts in Appendix A of my book "Theory of Nothing"
(which is available as a free download, or in hardcopy through Amazon).

> surely there must be a way to express your ideas in plain English.

It is not a question of the language (indeed mathematical notation
rarely appears in this forum due to the difficulty in expressing it in
plain ASCII), but of the concepts. Everyday English usage does not
have the necessary concepts to tackle this subject, and even
our present day mathematics barely does.


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