Yes, I think physics is a dead end. I think they know that.

On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 2:58 PM, B Soroud <> wrote:

> John M.... when I read your writing.... I see how it is wise, in the
> tradition of Nagarjuna.... to make no assertions at all.... otherwise you
> get caught up in the contradictions, internal inconcistencies, ironies, and
> absurdities your writing shows above.
> I think Bruno is right to critique absolute materialism..... it just
> occurred to me today that the concept of materialism is ultimately
> self-contradictory, logically impossible, and when you get right down to it:
> absurd. I think it is on the wrong track.
> what the right track is i don't know.
> I think Bruno is right, we are following in Aristotle's footsteps.
> We are looking for a universal implicit in the complexity of the
> particulars.... we are trying to reduce the complexity of things to a
> universal simplex/material substratum that somehow is a "material' ground
> that is either acausal or we-don't-know-what... Berkeley famously showed
> that the concept of "materialism" is a highly/overly abstract
> generalization. And in our reductionism we effectively dematerialize or
> metaphysicalize or transcendentalize our notions of matter, solidity,
> substantiality, space, thingness, identity of "things". etc.
> what is matter? I mean what
> is it really, even just definitionally.
> i think our notion of the origination (from "nothing") and the evolution of
> matter from some "fundamental materiality" and elementary mechanical state
> of affairs or something is nonsensical, unprovable, and when attempted to be
> conceived.... comes off as ridiculous.
> I am starting to see a value in a Monadology-ish kind of thing.... the
> problem is, how would one prove it or "experience" it?
> I am having a hard time expressing my thoughts right now.

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