Now that's truly silly. If we are God then we would know everything and know 
everything we certainly do not. Bruno is saying a part of what we know cannot 
be proven which is basically a faith-type statement, but not allied to any 
dogma. If he is right then there is no metaphysics, only the correct study of 
physics which is mathematics and computer science - which necessarily entails 
an understanding of what should now be properly referred to as "machine 
psychology" or even "machine theology". There is an unavoidable reversal of 
physics and psychology. Stay with it. I found it outrageous at the start too 
(way back in '97)

Kim Jones

On 06/07/2011, at 11:51 AM, B Soroud wrote:

> We are god, and outside the normal physical world of interacting relations... 
> there is no truth or being. All metaphysics is fiction.... Human-created.... 
> for there is no other being! We are the highest! We are making everything up!

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