On 18.07.2011 14:21 ronaldheld said the following:
    I do not know LISP. Any UD code written in Fortran?

Very good book to learn LISP is


Just click Next page, read and so on. By the way, List is much nicer than Fortran. I have learned Lisp after Fortran - C - C++ and I should say that I love Lisp (well, I prefer Mathematica - it is a Lisp with a human face). Yet, the real programmer must start with Lisp. If she will be scared by too many brackets, for example

(define (fast-expt b n)
  (cond ((= n 0) 1)
        ((even? n) (square (fast-expt b (/ n 2))))
        (else (* b (fast-expt b (- n 1))))))

then she should forget about programming.


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