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The interior of the
singularity is the interior of the cosmos with all of the spacetime
vacuumed out of it. Spacetime is what exteriorizes the big bang
(meaning it's more of a Big Break, where the void of space rushes
inward. There is no exterior to the big bang since it prefigures
timespace, therefore it can only be conceived of accurately from the
interior perspective. explicates matter as volume and the void of time
explicates 'energy' (the experience of matter) as sequence-memory. The
Singularity then is always happening and never happening, since it is
outside timespace, the hub of the wheel of Runtime/UD.

The UD is a mathematical being. It is an open question if the apparent physical universe run a UD, without stopping. One has run, in my office, for one week. Such a program is demanding in memory, to say the least.


Is the source of this program available? I am curious how many lines of (Fortran?) code is was.


Click on


in the volume 4 of "Conscience et Mécanisme" here:


It is not in FORTRAN, but in LISP. The UD is written in a personal LISP, described itself there too (in Allegro Common Lisp).

Sorry for the comments in french, but if you know a few LISP, the code is self-explaining. Examples are given for most subroutines. The whole program makes about 300 lines.




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