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> On Wed, Jul 06, 2011 at 10:12:45PM -0700, meekerdb wrote:
> > >One that happens to be incompatible with
> > >theory that our minds are computer programs.
> > Can you explain that?  It seems to be Bruno's central claim, but so
> > far as I can see he only tries to prove that a physical reality is
> > otiose.
> > Brent
> Here's my take on it. I guess you read the version I wrote 6 years ago
> in ToN.
> Once you allow the existence of a universal dovetailer, we are far
> more likely to be running on the dovetailer (which is a simple
> program) than on a much more complicated program (such as simulating
> the universe as we currently see it). Under COMP, the dovetailer is
> capable of generating all possible experiences (which is why it is
> universal). Therefore, everything we call physics (electrons, quarks,
> electromagnetic fields, etc) is phenomena caused by the running of the
> dovetailer. By Church-Turing thesis, the dovetailer could be running
> on anything capable of supporting universal computation. To use
> Kantian terminology, what the dovetailer runs on is the noumenon,
> unknowable reality,

If it is unknowable, we don't know the UD is running on it. So I don't
accept the existence of  a UD.

> which need have no connection which the phenomenon
> we observe. In fact with the CT-thesis, we cannot even know which
> noumenon we're running on, in the case there may be more than one. We
> might just as well be running on some demigod's child's playstation,
> as running on Platonic arithmetic. It is in principle unknowable, even
> by any putative omniscient God - there is simply no matter of fact
> there to know.

Hurrah for Occam!

> So ultimately, this is why Bruno eliminates the concrete dovetailer,
> in the manner of Laplace eliminating God "Sire, je n'ai besoin de cet
> hypothese".

And why i reject the abstract dovetailer.

> Anyway, Bruno will no doubt correct any mistaken conceptions here :).
> Cheers
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