On Jul 11, 2:52 am, Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  I'm saying that
> the potential for awareness must be built in to matter at the lowest
> level or not at all. Complexity alone cannot cause awareness in
> inanimate objects, let alone the kind of rich, ididopathic phenomena
> we think of as qualia.

i don't see a much of a connection between those statements.
Complexity could be necessary but insufficient. It is,
for instance, difficult to see how you could have
simple colour qualia. Colours represent a lot of intormation.

> The only thing that would come close to convincing me that a
> virtualized brain was successful in producing human consciousness
> would be if a person could live with half of their brain emulated for
> a while, then switch to the other half emulated for a while and report
> as to whether their memories and experiences of being emulated were
> faithful.

They could report one thing whilst experiencing or
having experienced another. Let's they have bits
of their brain replaced by functionally equivalent
silicon; let's also say that silicon can't have qualia.
Then, as the replacement procedes, their qualia
will fade...but they will continue to report them,
because of the functional equivalence.

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