On 23.07.2011 18:05 Craig Weinberg said the following:

I was thinking about how a sperm resembles a brain and spinal cord
but that the egg is more like a microcosm of a world. Conception
plays out metaphorically as a miniature sensorimotive self entering a
single life as a sphere which progressively articulates itself as it
absorbs not only the genetic information, but the informer as well.

You might be interested in the statement by Dick


"IF microtubules in the brain have coherence properties that equate to
GIVEN that those microtubules map in the sense of a fate map from the
cortex of the one cell (amphibian) embryo to the brain
THEN we ought to be able to investigate those coherence properties
(consciousness?) in the one cell embryo."

If you would like to learn about embryogenesis more, then:


The course will start again in the Second Life in October.


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