On 25 Jul 2011, at 03:05, Stephen P. King wrote:

On 7/24/2011 4:03 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 24 Jul 2011, at 19:14, Stephen P. King wrote:

I found an alternative to this that does not assume P = NP and that an infinite computation can occur in 0 steps which I can show, at least in Leibniz' case, is required.

I might be simple of mind, but I have no clue how an infinite computation can occur in 0 step, unless you mean by that the "trivial" fact that the computation exists in Platonia or in the block-universe, or the block-mind-scape. That would contradict your critics of block-realities.



Hi Bruno,

I was considering Leibniz' proposed "pre-ordained harmony" idea. AFAIK, it requires P=NP and an infinite computation in 0 steps, thus it is impossible. My solution is similar to your UD that runs forever, generating all possible universes as it goes.

OK. To be sure, the UD generates all "dreams", including all "fake toy universes". The "real" observable universe(s), if that exists at all, are 1-person constructs projected from the 3-limit in the UD*. "we" live in the limit because we are not aware of the UD-time (defined by the arithmetical UD-steps) by the invariance for delays in the first person experience. UD* = the infinite block-work of the UD. UD* belongs to the tiny Sigma_1 arithmetical reality.



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