On 22 Jul 2011, at 22:54, meekerdb wrote:

On 7/22/2011 9:40 AM, Jason Resch wrote:

Before that question, you need the question: does maths exist

If you want to debate this question I am happy to. It is the assumption made by most mathematicians and scientists.


Actually I was friends with two professors of mathematics (one now deceased). One helds that numbers exist - but in some way different from tables and chairs.

OK. Like me and the LUMs.

The other denies that they exist.

During the math course or the week-end? I don't believe that he does not believe in the existence of numbers. He meant something else, I think. People sometimes put to much metaphysics in the term "existence". I think they are just doing non genuine Sunday philosophy. I try to avoid the term "existence" and use instead the notion of "being true independently of me, or of the hulans, etc.".



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