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>> The claim is that (a) he would not notice any change, and (b)
>> therefore his consciousness would not change. (a) is not begging the
>> question but is a consequence of any physicalist theory of mind, i.e.
>> mental events occur because of physical events in the brain, so that
>> if the same physical events occur the same mental events will also
>> occur.
> But ex hypothesi the physical events in the "brain" are no longer the same
> because some of them are in the chip or the AI hemisphere.

If the mental supervenes on the physical that means the relationship
physical -> mental can be one -> one or many -> one but not one ->
many. Several physical states could lead to the same mental state; for
example, wearing a hat might compress the brain slightly without
altering cognition. However, if your physical state does not change it
is not possible for your mental state to change unless mental states
are due to some non-physical process, such as an immaterial soul.

Stathis Papaioannou

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