On 8/16/2011 9:27 AM, John Mikes wrote:

do you have a reasonable opinion about whatever you (and physicists?) call: */_"energy"_/*? (Not how to measure it, not what it does, not the result of 'it', or quantitative relations, or kinds you differentiate, but 'is it a thing'? where it comes from and how? i.e. an i*dentification of the term*, I mean).

Hmm. It's the 00 component of the stress-energy tensor. It's the Hamiltonian, the time evolution operator. It's not a thing.


I could not get a reasonable reply from physicists so far upon many such questions. All 'cop-out' on paraphernalia I want to exclude. (You remember: I have a Ph.D. chem-phys-math and 50 yrs in polymer engineering).
John Mikes

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