On 1/2/2012 7:04 AM, David Nyman wrote:
On 2 January 2012 05:54, meekerdb<meeke...@verizon.net>  wrote:

I don't understand that?  Are you saying all the experiences are at
different times so they can the experience of one soul that's traversing the
experiences in sequence?   I'd say they all exist timelessly, or more
exactly time is inferred from the relation of their contents.
I'd agree, but keeping clear the distinction that consciousness (1-p)
is not identical with its putative supervenience base (3-p).  If we
refrain from calling the contents of the latter "experiences", it
might make it easier to isolate the 3-p sense in which they "all exist
timelessly" from the distinct 1-p experiential sense in which "time is
inferred" from the content of each unique moment.

So we mustn't be misled into imagining
arrays of conscious moments as somehow sitting there "all together" in
timeless identity with their 3-p supervenience base, because to do so
would be to destroy all logical possibility of recovering the
uniqueness of the experiential moment.
How so?  The uniqueness is inherent in the experience.  It doesn't depend on
being embedded in spacetime.  Spacetime is a model inferred from
intersubjective agreement of individual experiences.
Again, I agree, but with the same distinction.  There is indeed the
3-p sense of inherently distinguishable subsets of some co-existent
supervenience base.  But this mustn't be elided with the distinct 1-p
experiential sense of the "unique presence" of each conscious moment.

You mean "confused" or "confounded"...not "elided"?

If consciousness were simply timelessly identical with some
supervenience base, there would be no such distinction to be made.
But if that were the case "time " would never be "inferred", or to put
it more simply, nothing would ever happen.

You seem to be saying that time must be inherent in the 3p base, otherwise it could not be inferred. But why can't time be inferred from any ordered sequence. That's the theory frequently put forward here. Numbers are timeless, but they are well ordered. Frames of a movie film exist all at once, but they have an implicit order.



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