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> >     Hi,
> >         How would your reasoning work for a virus? Is it "alive"? I
> >     think that the notion of "being alive" is not a property of the
> >     parts but of the whole.
> > Is it a question directed to craig or to me ?
> Hi,
>      It is directed at both of you. :-)
> Onward!

Hi Stephen,

Right, not the parts but the whole, but also who is looking at the
whole. It's the same question as substitution level. Where does yellow
green end and green yellow begin? It depends what color it's sitting
next to and how sensitive someone's vision is to color. It's all
indexical and relative. A virus is more associated with life than a
glucose molecule alone, but less living than a living cell.

Here's an extended metaphor: Medieval walled city with a castle in the
middle. Peasants work the land for the lord in the castle and there
are invasions of rogue peasants from other territories who steal, beg,
etc. To pick out these virus peasants and ask 'are they feudal' is
framing it objectively when it can only be subjective. There is no
'simply is', only many 'seems like' interpretations. The threat of
invasion strengthens the benefit of the Lord's protection, which in
turn encourages the loyalty and productivity of the peasants. In that
way, the rogue bandits are indeed a part of Feudalism.


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