On Feb 9, 9:49 am, Quentin Anciaux <allco...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2012/2/9 Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com>

> > > > How does a gear or lever have an opinion?
> > > The problems with gears and levers is dumbness.
> > Does putting a billion gears and levers together in an arrangement
> > make them less dumb? Does it start having opinions at some point?
> Does putting a billions neurons together in an arrangement make them less
> dumb ? Does it start having opinions at some point ?

No, because neurons are living organisms in the first place, not
gears. A billion dead neurons doesn't makes something that can have an
opinion either, but living neurons either have opinions or sense/
motives which scale up to opinions. No amount of gear motives scale up
to opinions. There is no 'they' to a gear, because humans have cast
them mechanically in molds to act as gears for our sense/motives.
Innately they are not gears, but metal molecules in solid form. Their
sense/motive is to respond to temperature, force, acceleration, etc in
a relatively uniform fashion which does not scale up to being a living


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