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Digital physics says that the whole universe can be substituted with a program, that obviously imply comp (that we can substitue your brain with a digital one), but comp shows that to be inconsistent, because comp implies that any piece of matter is non-computable... it is the limit of the infinities of computation that goes through your consciousness current state.

Can you see how this would be a problem for the entire digital uploading argument if functional substitution cannot occur in a strictly classical way, for example by strictly classical level measurement of brain structure? Any dependence of consciousness on quantum entanglement will prevent any form of digital substitution.

This is not correct. It would only make the comp subst. level lower, for we would need to Turing-emulated the entire quantum system. What you say would be true if a quantum computer was not Turing emulable, but it is. Sure, there is an exponential slow- down, but the UD does not care, nor the 'first persons' who cannot be aware of the delays.

An exponential slowdown may be OK if you're substituting for the whole world, but having a part of my brain running much slower would be a good reason to say no to the doctor.

In step seven you don't need no more to say yes to the doctor. You are in a universe with a running UD. It makes notably all the quantum computations leading to your current state, and their many continuations. And there, you can't be aware of the exponential slow down.

Step seven eliminates the doctor, and replaced it by a robust universe.
Step eight eliminates the robust universe.



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