On 3/16/2012 9:05 PM, John Clark wrote:

    >The point is that he cannot perceive it. he can not known it by any 

So you're saying that neither the original nor the copy can feel the duplication, it does not enter their consciousness, it does not change their consciousness, and so far I agree with you completely; but then in the next breath you say it DOES change their consciousness and the change is about as dramatic as a change can get, it's so ENORMOUS that a new individual is created. So do you believe they can perceive the duplication or do you not?

There are many possible enormous changes that could happen without you being aware of them. In the hypothetical duplicator/transporter the two persons would not see or otherwise perceive each other, so they would not be aware that a new individual was created. They would only have memories of entering the transporter in Helsinki and of opening the door and seeing either Moscow or Washington - which would certainly change their consciousness.


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