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On 3/14/2012 10:58 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

I never localize consciousness. Only persons. And yes, it is pretty obvious that person can locate themselves in a local relative way, like saying that yesterday I was in Tokyo, today in I am in Helsinki and tomorrow I will be in Moscow, if I decide to buy the tickets for the planes.

I don't think that's obvious. You can locate where your perceptions come from, but if one eye received input from Moscow and the other from Washington while your auditory nerves were wired to microphones in Helsinki and your brain was in Brussels; where would you be?

In that very peculiar situation I would still be on planet earth, and partially in Moscow, partially in Washington, partially in Helsinki, and partially in Brussels. You are literally right. Self-localization can be made difficult, but here they are used as tools for the thought experiment. So such remark is not relevant for invalidating the question of probability. I could use, as I do sometimes, the two rooms with 0 and 1 painted on the wall for the duplication setting, and the question would be "will I see 1 or 0". In the course of the reasoning we get that consciousness "is" in platonia/arithmetical-truth/whatever", and that persons can localize themselves in bodies and place in a relative way if the right computations allows such relativization. Self-localization is just handy for those thought experience, assuming the bodies are reconstituted entire and functional. Dennett illustrates very well your point in "where am I" in the book Minds' I (edited with Hofstadter).



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