On Mar 18, 11:53 am, John Clark <johnkcl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Brent, "aware" is just another word for "conscious", if a consciousness has
> not experienced a change, if it has not felt something different, if it is
> not aware that anything significant has changed, then there was no change
> in the consciousness.

Changes to consciousness do not have to be discrete or immediate. We
may not know how we feel about something or even that we do feel
something until some other set of feelings brings them into focus.
It's not like feelings are discrete computations, they are not
'things' which can be modeled as data, even if data is associated with
the felt experiences.

> If 2 consciousness are identical and there is no
> subsequent change in their consciousness then the point of view of the 2
> beings remains identical and it is silly to pretend there are two points of
> view. This conclusion is confirmed in my symmetrical room example where
> even the copy and the original can't tell themselves apart, if you
> exchanged their position they could not tell that anything had happened,
> and neither could any conceivable outside observer.

An outside observer could possibly examine their cryptochromes and
determine their geomagnetic status. No doubt cryptochromes are only
one of many physiological functions which interfaces with what we
would consider non-local phenomena. There may not be any way at all to
exchange any two things at all without the entire universe recording
the event on some level.


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