On 14 Mar 2012, at 20:19, David Nyman wrote:

On 14 March 2012 18:32, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

He uses also bad rhetorical tricks by
attributing me intention, and seems even aggressive sometimes, or is it an

Vous êtes ironique, je l'espère!

Gosh, you get that impression too. But John C. is still polite and modest compared to my usual "opponents" who have never dared to meet me once, or to answer a mail or anything.

At least John seems to defend a point and accept to converse, making him infinitely more civil than the opponents who dismiss whatever I found by shrugging the shoulder and looking at the sky, behind my back, as I have been told.

I think that they have no real problem with the work, only with the fact that I am the one having done that work, because they have been manipulated by a bullying expert in that kind of manipulation. I have not that feeling with John Clark, I still think he might be interested in getting the point, but its resistance and avoidance begin to be troubling. He still might just be a person genuinely shocked by the problem that comp seems to put on the Aristotelian conception of reality. This I can understand.

Note that I am prosecuting the main guy in Brussels, and some victim- accomplices who protect him since, including in Paris. I don't expect anything, and I am already glad the files has not been classified. I do it for my own conscience, because there has been many victims and almost as much suicides. Bullying, moral harassment, sexual harassment, becomes a real plea in the academic world, in some countries, probably a bit everywhere, with varying degrees.

The problem, a bit like the "drug prohibition affair", is the powerful corporatist self-protection, and the connivence of the press and media. Some people behave like untouchable mafia leaders. In a sense, everyone become victims of their lies.

The NDAA bill will not help, in America and elsewhere. It officialize and legalizes a tool for such kind of practice.

Well, sorry for those sad remarks, a bit meta-topical, but I was not really ironical indeed. I am always afraid to project the behavior of the Brussels bandits on those who resists to the 1-indeterminacy issue, especially when they make general shoulder-shrugging-like sort of non-argument. I thought it might still just be his idiosyncratic manner of dialoguing. He did recognize having been wrong, once, and not so many can do that.

Thanks to confirm the feeling that his aggressive mood was not just a personal impression/projection.



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