On 3/16/2012 9:05 PM, John Clark wrote:

    > Each of them cannot know what the other feels.

True, so the Washington man is not the Moscow man, although both are the Helsinki man. For some things like the integers H, M and W if H=M and H= W then M=W,

It does work for everything because it's part of the definition of an equivalence relation that
[X=Y and X=Z]=> Y=Z.

but that does not work for everything, for example a watermelon is green and a pea is green but a watermelon is not a pea; it doesn't work for personal identity either.

Very poor logic. A watermelon is green doesn't mean watermelon=green. If M=/=W, which I think is the case, then it cannot be the case that H=M and H=W where "=" denotes an equivalence relation.


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