On 09.06.2012 20:27 Quentin Anciaux said the following:
Le 9 juin 2012 20:22, "Evgenii Rudnyi"<use...@rudnyi.ru>  a écrit :


No, I have meant

a) simulated computer

b) simulated myself (but not in a)

Now I consider a) and b). This is after all some instructions
executed by
some Turing machine. It seems that there is no difference. How would
you define the difference then in this case?

If you are running at the same level (inside the same simulation,
meaning what is simulating the computer is also simulating you and
the world you share) then you're able to affect the computer.

And computer in a way cannot affect me. This what I actually wanted to say in the beginning. Even if we assume simulation hypothesis, nothing changes and the business continues as usual. On Monday for example it is necessary to go to work.

On the other hand, if I understand Bruno's theorem correctly a) and b) imply quite different things. While a) brings no problem, b) leads to

arithmetic -> mind -> physics

That is, I am not sure if according to Bruno, mind simulation in simulation is possible.


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