On Fri, Jun 29, 2012  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> You said yourself that the first person cannot be defined. How could we
> verify that prediction? Except by feeling to be one of the W and M
> reconstituted person. And from their points of viex, the prediction of
> being in both place is simply refuted.

Refuted?? As I said before if you really had complete information then you
could make 2 predictions:

1) I Bruno Marchal will write in my diary "I Bruno Marchal am now in
Washington and only Washington".

2) I Bruno Marchal will write in my diary "I Bruno Marchal am now in Moscow
and only Moscow".

Afterwards both diaries can be shown to anyone who is interested proving
that there was no indeterminacy and the prediction is confirmed to be
completely correct. Things become paradoxical only if you make the
assumption that there can only be one Bruno Marchal, therefore the
assumption must be untrue.

> You have a machine with some button, and you are asked to make a
> prediction on the immediate personal outcome of a simple experiment.

Right, and the prediction is easy to make and it is perfect.

 > you sill confuse 1 and 3 views.

You keep repeating that over and over like a mantra, but there is a
possibility  it is you that is confused.

  John K Clark


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