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>If there is Identity via fixed point, then there is a "you' involved in
> some capacity. It just might not be belonging to an entity that some people
> denote as "John Clark"; it could be "Atom of Hydrogen". This rule applies
> to anything that have a SWF

If I took a billion hydrogen atoms from your brain and a billion hydrogen
atoms that were used to inflate the Hindenburg Zeppelin and cooled all of
them down so much they formed a Bose Einstein Condensate and then warmed
them up again there would be no way to know even in theory (much less in
practice) which atoms came from you and which atoms came from the giant gas
bag. If atoms have no individuality I don't see how in the world they could
confer this interesting property to us.

**When atoms form a Bose Einstein Condensation the atoms individuality is
lost. Before you had two billion atoms, two billion things, two billion
Schrodinger quantum wave functions; but when the condensate is formed you
only have one thing and one Schrodinger wave function. When you warm it up
again the atoms come back but it is impossible even in theory to know which
atom is which, the information about their individual history has been
erased from the universe      (assuming the knowledge that this atom came
from Stephen and this other atom came from Hindenburg can even be said to
be information in the first place).

  John K Clark

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