Hi Roger,

On Tuesday, September 11, 2012 8:36:47 AM UTC-4, rclough wrote:
> Hi Craig Weinberg   
> The Creator is not created. So no problem. 

Why not just say The Universe is not created. So no problem? 

What does the idea of an uncreated Creator add that has any explanatory 
power? Would the idea of a Creator seem obvious if the Bible didn't exist? 

What if you found out that the Bible was actually written by people's 
demons who mixed truth with lies over centuries to cause confusion, 
oppression, and cruelty. If I were Satan, why wouldn't I tell people that I 
am God and make them write a book which causes fear, superstition, and 
misery (even if the cost is that it has some very good side effects as 
well)? Not to suggest that you doubt your faith, but logically, the idea of 
a Bible seems contrary to the purposes of a Creator who endows his 
creations with direct capacities to make sense of his creation (including 
themselves). Does he want us to know he exists or doesn't he? If so, why 
write a bunch of crazy ambiguous scriptures that vary from place to place? 
If not, why allow such blasphemous confusions to thrive?


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