On 9/16/2012 3:06 PM, Jason Resch wrote:

        Where is our universe located?  What could its location be
        relative to?

        That question presupposes that there is a large universe that
    this one is embedded into and that it is possible to define both
    coordinate maps from different points of view that can map the two
    and distinguish them from each other. Where did the assumption of
    communicability come from here? AFAIK< a universe is a closed
    system in the sense that any extension that we could add to it
    would be "part of" that universe, so the idea that there is a
    location of a universe does not make much sense to me.
        I was taking about the localizability of physical systems
    within a universe. I was presupposing the possibility of many
    locations that where capable of being considered as "it could be
    there, let me look and see if it is indeed there"...

Okay. When I first saw you use the term "physical system" I thought you were referring to an entire universe rather than parts of one.

Hi Jason,

OK, that would make your point consistent, but what if we wish to talk about and make predictions of the behavior of "parts of one"?




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