On 22.09.2012 11:48 Roger Clough said the following:
Hi Craig Weinberg

I would classify your items as follows:

MENTAL (outside of spacetime) :  All experiences, dreams, delusions,
information, mathematics, logic, time, space, feelings, thoughts,
ideas, numbers, life itself, God, monads, mathematics, physical laws
themselves, theory of any type.

PHYSICAL (within spacetime): Anything with dimensions, anything you
can measure with physical instruments (even indirectly), weigh or see
under a microscope or telescope, mass, energy, force, velocity, time,
distance, voltage, optical or sound intensity, wave amplitude, dna
type, cancer type, living tissue, dead tissue, flesh (brain).

Let us take a table, it seems to be a good example of a physical object with dimensions that we could measure. Yet, it is unclear to me what happens when I watch the table. Does I perceive it directly? Or alternatively does I observe just my perceptions of the table?

In other worlds, do you assume direct or indirect realism?



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