On 22.09.2012 14:09 Roger Clough said the following:
Hi Evgenii Rudnyi

Following Leibniz and Kant, what we see in the case of the table is
a "well-grounded phenomenon". That is, we do not see the table
itself, but as it appears to our senses. But the table is not an
illusion, it really is there, and we can place a pitchure of milk on
it with no problem and knock on its surface.

Now we should say where in the physical space this "well-grounded phenomenon" is located. Otherwise we will have a problem with

PHYSICAL (within spacetime)


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especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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Physics, Metaphysics, and Realism

On 22.09.2012 11:48 Roger Clough said the following:
Hi Craig Weinberg

I would classify your items as follows:

MENTAL (outside of spacetime) : All experiences, dreams,
delusions, information, mathematics, logic, time, space, feelings,
thoughts, ideas, numbers, life itself, God, monads, mathematics,
physical laws themselves, theory of any type.

PHYSICAL (within spacetime): Anything with dimensions, anything
you can measure with physical instruments (even indirectly), weigh
or see under a microscope or telescope, mass, energy, force,
velocity, time, distance, voltage, optical or sound intensity, wave
amplitude, dna type, cancer type, living tissue, dead tissue, flesh

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