On 24 Sep 2012, at 12:26, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi Bruno Marchal

Potential definitions :

To Exist = to have objective being, to physically be, to be within spacetime, having spacial location and extension at time t - a thing such as a brain or object

But "exists" has simple meaning, when applied on what you assume to exist primitively. The words "objective", "physically", "being", "spacetime" "spatial", "location", "time", "brain", "object" have no simple meaning that everyone can take for granted, when working on th TOE search, or when trying to get some light on the mind body problem.

I thought you were a Platonist, even if a Leibnizian one, but now it seems you believe in primitive physical notion, like spacetime, so it becomes hard to figure out what are your sharable assumptions.

To Inhere = to have subjective being, to mentally or nonphysically be, that is, to be outside of spacetime, inextended (without spacial location at time t), such as thoughts, numbers, quanta, qualia, etc.

Thus brain exists, mind inheres.

I don't see the logic leading to brain exist, from mind inhere.
Brain exists, but with comp it can't be a primitive existence, and so "brain exists" is a pattern that we have to explain from an ontology with not assumed brain.

An agent = An inherent control and observation center.

A self =  an agent

Actual = to exist

Real = either to exist or to inhere even without a self or agent to observe or control it.

That can make sense in some context, but not when you search a theory *explaining* or enlightening the big picture. You need a criterion of existence for what you take as primitive, and then you can defined the many different sorts of existence which can be reduced to the primitive existence. But you betrayed yourself by insisting that we don't mix theology and science, where I think that the separation of theology and science is very big mistake, even if easily explainable by Darwin and human short term interests. I cannot convince you by reason, on something about which you decided to abandon reason.



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