On Tue, Sep 25, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

 > They have mechanistic characteristics as well, but they are not defined
> as that only.

Craig doesn't inform us how he received this revelation.

> > Molecules aren't only machines either,

 Craig doesn't inform us how he received this revelation.

> > but different experiences are associated with different kinds of
> molecules.

Craig doesn't inform us what the hell that means.

> > There are thermodynamically irreversible processes involved. It would be
> like unburning a log or putting water back into a wave.

Thermodynamically irreversible processes happen when chaos is involved,
when tiny changes in initial conditions lead to huge changes in outcome;
that's what would happen if you put the brain in a blender but not if you
cut it in half with a very sharp knife. True, all the information on how to
make a brain is there in the scrambled brains but that does no good because
I don't think even Nanotechnology can get the information out that you need
to  figure out how to unscramble that brain. But if the brain has just been
neatly cut in half the repair job, while still difficult, would be
astronomically easier.

> > There is no such thing as the same exact anything. Not in reality.

OK but is exactitude really necessary? You're not exactly the man you were
yesterday but you're pretty close, you're not even exactly the same man
after you've taken a sip of coffee but you're close enough.

> Have you ever read all of the accounts of organ transplant patients
> having new memories and personality characteristics?

Have you ever read all of the accounts of Bigfoot, flying saucers, and
Elvis being alive and well and working under a assumed name as a dental
assistant in Dayton Ohio?

  John K Clark

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