On Friday, October 5, 2012 7:05:06 AM UTC-4, rclough wrote:
> So it is reasonable to define life as that which can produce order 
> out of chaos" *. Since at least higher living beings 
> also possess consciousness, my "grand" hypothesis is that 
> life = consciousness = awareness = producing order out of chaos. 

I agree Roger. I would add to this understanding however, a logarithmic 
sense of increasing quality of experience.

human experience = consciousness > animal experience = awareness > 
microbiotic experience = sensation > inorganic experience = persistence of 
functions and structures.

I would not say producing order out of chaos because I think that chaos is 
not primordial. Nonsense is a mismatch or attenuation of sense, not the 
other way around. Order cannot be produced from chaos unless chaos 
implicitly contains the potential for order...which makes the production of 
orderly appearance really just a formality.


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