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> To paraphrase Carl, 'First, you have to invent the universe.'

You want to know why there is something rather than nothing and Science can't provide a good answer to that, but depending on exactly what you mean by "nothing" it can give some pretty good half answers, and at least it can explain why there is a lot rather than very little. Religion can't even give half answers, not to anything.

I'm not sure what you mean by Science and Religion, but the comp "theology" does provide the best answer we can hope to the question "why there is something instead of nothing". It answers also why things seem locally dual (with mind/qualia, and matter/quanta). Well the details shows it octal instead of dual, but let us not be too technical.

Comp explains why we have to postulate something Turing universal. It explains why we cannot derive its existence from anything less, so we have to at least postulate that. It explains also that matter and consciousness are independent of the choice of that universal system--- I use elementary arithmetic to fix the thing.

From that Turing universal assumption, the origin of matter is conceptually explained by the first person indeterminacy applied to all computations, and the distinction between quanta and qualia is a simple derivation from the self-reference logics. See Sane2004 for more. This is testable.

It is a theology as I define the theology of a machine by the set of all true propositions about that machine, including true but unprovable proposition by the machine, like those corresponding in self-consistency bet, or in the comp technological reincarnation possibility.

(Then, the computer science math shows that the big picture is closer to Pythagorus, Plato and Plotinus than to Aristotelian metaphysical naturalism.)



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