On Wednesday, October 10, 2012 8:51:50 AM UTC-4, yanniru wrote:
> Roger, 
> To say that a connection is based on logic is a category error. 
> More specifically, 
> I conjecture that the connection in the brain between the physical brain 
> and the (computational?) mind/monads is based on BEC entanglement. 
> BEC stands for Bose-Einstein Condensate. 
> It has been demonstrated experimentally that BECs made of different 
> substances 
> can become entangled. I claim based on string theory that the monads 
> are a BEC since they came from space. They are compactified space, 
> crystalline in form and essentially motionless. Presumably there is 
> also a physical BEC in the brain. 
> So if my conjecture is correct, that disparate BECs, even the monad 
> BEC is substantive, 
> are capable of entanglement, which of course is all logical, then the 
> connection is based on entanglement. To say that a connection is based 
> on logic is a category error. 
> Richard 
What advantage does a BEC explanation really have over substance dualism 
though? How dies it solve the hard problem? Why do BECs experience things 
and nothing else does?


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