On 23 Oct 2012, at 14:50, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi meekerdb

There are a number of theories to explain the collapse of the quantum wave function
(see below).

1) In subjective theories, the collapse is attributed
to consciousness (presumably of the intent or decision to make
a measurement).

This leads to ... solipsism. See the work of Abner Shimony.

2) In objective or decoherence theories, some physical
event (such as using a probe to make a measurement)
in itself causes decoherence of the wave function. To me,
this is the simplest and most sensible answer (Occam's Razor).

This is inconsistent with quantum mechanics. It forces some devices into NOT obeying QM.

3) There is also the many-worlds interpretation, in which collapse
of the wave is avoided by creating an entire universe.
This sounds like overkill to me.

This is just the result of applying QM to the couple "observer + observed". It is the literal reading of QM.

So I vote for decoherence of the wave by a probe.

You have to abandon QM, then, and not just QM, but comp too (which can only please you, I guess).



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